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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Most handsome man in the World :- Imran Abbas Naqvi

Imran Abbas's Biography
Imran Abbas was born  in 15th October, 1982 and raised into a Muslim family in Lahore.Imran Abbas is a professional model, actor, architect, director & producer.He was studying architecture at NCA Lahore where he was offered a modeling job.

He was asked on how his career started. He answered:
I started my career as a model in 2000 from Lahore. I was studying architecture at NCA, a Lahore based fashion photographer saw me somewhere and offered me for modeling and I turned up.’

Imran Abbas Naqvi is a Pakistani actor and model, known for his role in the TV drama "Khuda Aur Muhabbat". He has starred in a number of roles in a short span of time. He has been cast in a Bollywood movie directed by Rahul Dholakia, in which he will play a Pakistani character.

Imran abbas is one of the most charming actor and top model of Pakistan. He is an architect by profession and completed his studies from NCA Lahore from where he basically belongs to. Imran was firstly discovered by khawer riaz for a modeling assignment from where imran doesn't look back.

 He is mostly admired by his charming looks in the audience. Most of the critics rate him as an average actor but he has proven himself in many popular serials in which his acting skills were noticed by a large audience.

As an actor he works in every form of tv drama (series, serials, and telefilms). His popular shows include Umrao Jaan Ada directed by Rana Sheikh, Love Stories, Sultana Siddiqui's Qismat ke sitaray, Jaisay Chaho Geo by Nadeem Baig, Bin tere kya hai jina directed by Rashid Sami, Sassi Punno written by M. Ahmad, Jannat directed by Sultana Siddiqui, Shaiyd kay bahar aiye by Haseena Moin, Mera naam hai mohubbat directed by Laila Wasti, Fizaon may bastiyaan by Anwar Maqsood,Uss Paar (telefilm) etc.

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